I'm Sean.

I am a full stack designer based in Nashville, Tn.

I moved to Nashville in August of 2017. My time so far has been filled with many life shaping experiences and fond memories. I knew this would be the case, but honestly had no idea what form many of those things would take. 

I have learned a ton, both through success and failure. My first year being in Nashville saw me searching tirelessly for work that I felt passionate about. My background was as a developer, serving as the lead web developer of a medical management company in Montgomery, Al. While that experience taught me many things, I was unsure whether it was a path I wanted to continue on. 

“My passion is people – learning their stories, serving, and supporting them. This passion, I knew belonged at the center of my time. ”

Enter: Directional shift.

Combining my experience and my passion, I began working full-time as a freelance designer. I am thankful for the daily opportunity to creatively solve problems, explore the unknown, and most of all, share life with people. 

“As a people person, I welcome any opportunity to provide an excellent user experience (UX).”

When approaching a design, I am constantly searching for the next “cool” interaction, animation, or sleight of hand. I want a design to come alive for the user. I sometimes can’t help examine UX in my day to day: Traveling, at the gym, at a restaurant, or even when shopping for the weekly groceries. Don’t worry, I’ll make the design very cool.

“Rather than only listening to a client and their goals, I feel it is important to also access and listen to the user’s voice (UI).”

By creating user stories and scenarios, the previously unheard user has their voice returned to them; effectively solving the problems of the people who were actually using your product or service.

As a “coder who designs”, I have the ability to handle efficiently the entirety of the design and branding process. From initial brainstorms to the completed project, I am there. Walking alongside you and your team until the project sees finality. 

We live in a world full of design, awaiting to be explored. I approach everyday and every opportunity with the same question: How can I push the bounds of what has been done already, while also connecting with other humans? Adventure is always waiting, but few are willing to take the risk.

“Remember, we were made to come alive and the world needs just that.”

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